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Humidity Control For Your Piano

With a Piano Life Saver System from Dampp-Chaser your piano will sound consistently better and be more enjoyable to play. By regulating the humidity of the air within your piano it helps stabilize pitch and prevent damage to sensitive wood and felt parts.

Rich Ricard, Certified Installer Piano Life Saver System
Rich Ricard, Certififed Installer of Piano Life Saver System

Controlling humidHumidity control protects your piano investment.ity inside your piano means greater stability and retention of tunings, as well as, protection of your piano investment.  With fluctuations in humidity wood within the piano will swell and contract leading to pitch instability, sticking keys, and damage such as rusty strings, cracked soundboards, worn pinblocks, and loosened glue joints.  The Piano Life Saver System fights the fluctuations keeping the piano around 45% relative humidity.

Humidistat turns humidifier and dehumidifier on and off.

The humidistat cycles the humidifier and dehumidifier to create a stable 45% relative humidity. For the piano owner there is no need to turn anything on or off.  Once the system in plugged in the humidistat acts as the brain of the system automatically adding moisture or removing it to create a stable environment.

Pad Treatment inhibits growth in the humidifier.Maintenance of the Piano Life Saver System is minimal.  Water needs to be added to the humidifier when the low water light illuminates, which is about once every 2 weeks on average during the drier winter months.  Each fill up requires a capfull of Pad Treatment to inhibit growth of mold.  One bottle lasts up to a year and costs $10 and is supplied by Rich from Perfect Pitch Piano Servicing.  Additionally, the Pads, which wick water up from the tank for evaporation, need to be replaced at least annually.  These, too, are supplied and installed by Rich for a cost of $5.  At which time a complete inspection of the system will be made at no charge.

Components of the Piano Life Saver System.

Yes, there is a cost for humidity control, but all pianos will benefit from a Piano Life Saver System.  The cost to have Rich from Perfect Pitch install this system is $450.00 for uprights, and $550.00 for grand pianos.  This includes all components of the system, all labor, and all taxes.  Plus there is a 5-year warranty on all parts.

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