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Piano Restorations & Rebuilds

Transform your piano from old to new!

Good-Bye Old...

...Hello New!

Bring it back...

...To Beautiful.

Even The Impossible...

…Can Shine!


Why you want to consider a rebuild or restoration...

  • Your piano has been in the family a long time
  • Perhaps several keys don’t work
  • Maybe some ivories are missing
  • Your piano doesn’t hold a tuning
  • The finish is faded and cracked
  • Your piano just doesn’t play right
It’s true! Piano restoration is very often less expensive than buying new, yet the result is essentially a new piano. Every restoration is tailored to you and your piano. You’ll actually be given a list of options to choose from! Then it’s up to you to choose what degree of work is done on your piano!

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Sample list of possible fixes for your piano…

Action Rebuilding

  • hammer replacement
  • hammer reshaping
  • damper replacement
  • bridle strap replacement
  • backcheck felt replacement
  • let-off replacement
  • spinet elbow replacement
  • broken parts repair


  • keytop replacement
  • keytop polishing

Strings & Tuning

  • tuning
  • complete string replacement
  • treble string replacment
  • oversized tuning pin installation
  • repair of untuneable pianos
  • plate removal and refinishing


  • Soundboard crack repair
  • Soundboard polishing
  • Soundboard refinishing


  • complete refinishing
  • touch-ups
  • partial rebuilds for heavy damage
  • veneer replacment
  • specializing in hand polished,
    easy to care for, tung oil finishes


  • touch adjustments to keys
  • action response adjustments
  • correction of maladjusted action parts

Pedals & Trapwork

  • pedal polishing
  • pedal replacement
  • pedal adjustments

Miscellaneous Repairs

  • broken legs
  • music desk repair
  • hinge replacments
  • bench repairs


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